Valentine's Day Staycation: W Hotel

Well, not exactly on the Valentine's Day itself but few days ahead. My mom was visiting but she had to fly back to Bali on 13 February, so we booked the room before Feb 13. This was the second time we stayed in W Hotel Singapore and the suite was gorgeous. And the marina view... I could look at it all day.

One of the highlight of the stay was to see El tried his first cotton candy. 

Singapore Shop House: #001

Shop houses are easily the most fun architecture buildings here in Singapore, mainly thanks to their colour combo. Green and red, orange, purple, all yellow shop house. Imagine living in a purple house, it does lift up your spirit. So, paying homage to these wonderful shop houses, I launched myself into... *drumroll* A Singapore Shop House Series. I'll be creating this digitally, using my trusted iPad Pro with my trusted Procreate app. 

And here's post #001.

Singapore Shop House 01.jpg
Cake, Anyone?

Been trying this cool app called Procreate on iPadPro for the past few weeks and I like what I see so far. This is the first illustration I made using Procreate. Oh the joy of simply clicking the undo button whenever you make a mistake rather than tearing the watercolor sheet into pieces and scream in frustration  😅

Cake in digital art form. 

Cake in digital art form. 

Ceramic Spoon

Pottery is my new hobby lately and here's a snapshot of what I'm doing at my humble home studio, making hand built ceramic spoons and a baby mobile. These are before bisque firing.