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Banner and Thank You Tag

I've been busy brainstorming ideas and preparing stuff for my little girl's first birthday party in July. The first few that got to be finished first are the banner sticker and thank you tag design.

They say hummingbird is a small, energetic yet poised bird which is why I decided to make it as a logo, my lil girl is so much like a hummingbird.


And here's the design for the banner.

banner squirrelandeve.jpg
'Let's Camp' Art Print

It's a wrap! This illustration painting is finally finished. When planning this piece, I was thinking of a day in a whimsical forest, somewhere cold and breezy... a perfect setup for a getaway from a super hot weather we have here in Singapore. 

Many of you emailed me, asking about this 'Let's Camp' art print. Well, the wait is over guys. This print is now available at the web-store. 

let's camp squirrel and eve.jpg

Let's Camp


Sleeping Beauty

I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a baby girl who can sleep on her own. Just put her on the bed and she will fall asleep within 10 minutes (that, after she emptied milk from both breasts). For that reason too, I rarely carry her to sleep that when she did sleep in my arms, I didn't put her back on the bed the minute she closed her eyes. Instead, I just stared at her face and couldn't help smiling. Those chubby cheeks and peaceful face, gosh! Adorable.

I painted this illustration below with my baby girl in mind. And I enjoyed painting the detail on the blanket so much. 

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old

Sleep Tight, Little One...

A project for nursery room wall decoration. Been thinking of painting lately but never seemed to have time to get it done. For this one, I forced myself to pickup a brush and just do it... oh how I forgot how much I love having paint all over my fingers haha. 

This piece is done in gouache with a little bit of watercolor mix. It was on Thursday, with wind blowing sooo hard outside, it was crazy, like I don't think I've had a day similar to that during my stay in Singapore.  But me like those rainy, wet, and windy days for painting session.

I did two draft paintings, one with black background and the other has a milky blue blackground. Fred said he liked the black background more while I prefer the milky blue. The end result is somewhere in between, dark blue sky.

nursery themed illustration: sleep tight, little one
sleeptightlittleone 1.jpg
Tulip Garden at Disney Sea (Winter 2009)

.: Original post can be read here :.

Two paintings below are from photos, taken at Disney Sea, the second time I went there. The first time was with my fullcast friends in Summer 2007, it was a hell lot of fun. The second time was when my mom visited Japan in January 2008. We went there with my brother, just the three of us.Inside, I was so... thrilled to see a HUGE garden full of various kinds of tulips. So amazed *yeah my first time to see so many tulips, my fave flower* that I asked my brother - not really a fan of nature beauty - to take a lot of pics of me with the tulip garden until he grew impatient sheesh... If I went alone, I would love to just stare at those fabulous tulips and... just be there!

:: Oil on Canvas ::

80 x 60 cm

~February 2009~

.: Tulip Garden at Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  oil painting

:: Watercolor ::

24 x 32 cm

~May 22, 2009~

.: Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  watercolor