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Flower Crown Workshop

I can't tell ya how excited I was participating in this flower crown workshop. You know every little girl's dream is to wear a flower crown. Real one. And that dream finally came true today. We learnt how to make a boutonniere as a basic and from there we advanced further in making our own autumn flower crown. 

Imagine what you can make, a wreath, a bracelet, a hair piece... Using flowers. How pretty they would be. 

Shibori Dye Workshop

Behold, the most exciting workshop, shibori dye workshop using Indigo dye. Oh the possibilities of what you can do with this technique and the kind of end-product you can make! Shibori is a Japanese dye technique that involves tying, binding and twisting the fabric. 

I dyed a tote bag and scarf. Maybe I'll try dyeing with natural dye next. 

A Third Round of Watercolor Workshop

January marks the beginning of the third watercolor workshop, can't be more excited about the class.

Recently I found myself having so much idea of what to paint but never managed to get it on the paper. Kept telling myself I would do it the next day, haha my old habit. Attending a class is a good idea I guess, like it really forces me to paint in a way.

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Workshop Week 3: Composition, Design and Perspective

.: March 24, 2012. Saturday :.

One word to describe the third session: liberating. たのしかった! Fun!

Well, the first one hour we learnt a great deal about the design theory. Like how color, value contrast and texture can enhance a painting's center of interest. After all the theory, it was time to put it into practice. We were having en plein air sketch session! Hurray!

We went out to the street and we just picked any building to sketch. That was my first time sketching in public openly. Before, whenever I sketched outside, I did it secretly, so I never enjoyed it. The first few minutes I felt a little bit embarrassed by people looking at us, but after awhile, it was easier just to ignore the passers by.

~ Two-point perspective ~

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Workshop Week 1: It's About Lines, Shapes and Forms

My first time attending a workshop and it met my expectation. The session was fun and it felt nice to be in a room with 8 other people sharing the same passion, drawing!

This week is all about making lines, recognizing shapes, and forms. An hour before the session ended, we were instructed to make a sketching from a black and white photo of a rustic looking house, taken at the last Malay village in Singapore.


~ A bookshelves in an art studio ~