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'Let's Camp' Art Print

It's a wrap! This illustration painting is finally finished. When planning this piece, I was thinking of a day in a whimsical forest, somewhere cold and breezy... a perfect setup for a getaway from a super hot weather we have here in Singapore. 

Many of you emailed me, asking about this 'Let's Camp' art print. Well, the wait is over guys. This print is now available at the web-store. 

let's camp squirrel and eve.jpg

Let's Camp


Sleeping Beauty

I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a baby girl who can sleep on her own. Just put her on the bed and she will fall asleep within 10 minutes (that, after she emptied milk from both breasts). For that reason too, I rarely carry her to sleep that when she did sleep in my arms, I didn't put her back on the bed the minute she closed her eyes. Instead, I just stared at her face and couldn't help smiling. Those chubby cheeks and peaceful face, gosh! Adorable.

I painted this illustration below with my baby girl in mind. And I enjoyed painting the detail on the blanket so much. 

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old

Oh deer, my first time!

A little story behind this illustration. I knew I wanted to draw a deer and that deer had to be simple enough for me to draw as I'd never drew one before. So I found myself googling around for wildlife photo and came across this fawn sleeping in a sea of grass (unfortunately I forget to note down the photographer who captured the image of this gorgeous little creature). 

The fawn's skin color is a tad darker than what I intended it to be and oh look at the shape of the ears! But hey, at least I've done the scary 'first time', painting the next deer won't be as intimidating anymore.