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'My Brother and I' Art Print

A little story behind this illustration. When I gave birth to a baby girl seven months ago, we had to bribe El (our firstborn son) to kiss or hold his baby sister. That was how it was. Now, I often find him sitting next to his sister on the bed, just looking at her and stroking her hair without having to be asked. Such a heart warming moment. I know they'll be okay, coz the bond is finally there and they have each other. 

I've listed this print and is available at the web store.

My Brother and I - Squirrel and Eve.jpg


My Brother and I

Just Line Work

Doing line work is always relaxing. I did this on iPad. At first I used the pencil brush to sketch then retraced it with pen brush on a different layer. But I soon found it to be restricting and stressful. Man, that feeling when I missed the line as in tracing not directly on top of the pencil line!... urggh, undo, undo, undo. Yes I'm OCD that way. So in order for me to stay sane and not go nuts, I deleted everything and started from scratch using a pen brush straight away. It did the trick. Loved how free I felt and not doing a double work is always a plus. 

Singapore Shop House: #001

Shop houses are easily the most fun architecture buildings here in Singapore, mainly thanks to their colour combo. Green and red, orange, purple, all yellow shop house. Imagine living in a purple house, it does lift up your spirit. So, paying homage to these wonderful shop houses, I launched myself into... *drumroll* A Singapore Shop House Series. I'll be creating this digitally, using my trusted iPad Pro with my trusted Procreate app. 

And here's post #001.

Singapore Shop House 01.jpg
Cake, Anyone?

Been trying this cool app called Procreate on iPadPro for the past few weeks and I like what I see so far. This is the first illustration I made using Procreate. Oh the joy of simply clicking the undo button whenever you make a mistake rather than tearing the watercolor sheet into pieces and scream in frustration  😅

Cake in digital art form. 

Cake in digital art form.