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Shepherd's Pie

.: Sunday, 2 June 2013 :. 

It's a casserole dish; a ground beef topped with mashed potato and melted cheese. It's Shepherd's Pie! I always consider savory pie as one of my comfort food, a heartwarming dish besides soup, so I wanted to try to make one at home. Well, anything home cooked is a special dish, don't you agree?

To make Shepherd's Pie is fairly easy. The extra filling can be used as a spaghetti Bolognaise sauce, in fact I was tempted to save half the portion as spaghetti sauce. But if you want to make a Bolognaise sauce out of the filling, remember don't add too much flour otherwise the consistency would be too thick. For Shepherd's Pie, we want the filling to be thick enough and not runny. Once done, top with mashed potato and pop it in the oven. It's that simple.

I'll go back and add the recipe in this post later.


homemade shepherd's pie