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14/52 Brunch: MyArtSpace

.: July 6, 2013 :. 

Words couldn't express how excited I was upon setting foot inside this cafe slash art studio. It's a two-storey glass wall studio with a small area in the first level turned into a cafe. Oh you know I'm a biggie fan of any space surrounded with glass wall and this is ain't any ordinary space, it's an art studio! Okay, let's start with the cafe. Its interior has a cozy feel to it with a view to the shallow pool. The menu is mainly consisted of light dishes such as pizza, sandwich and toast. I like the food there and price-wise, it's not that expensive considering the location. It's located just beside the main road in front of a huge mall but once you're inside this cafe, you feel like you're in a huge garden somewhere.

Alright, now the MOST exciting part. The art studio. They offer an art-jamming session in oil-paint or acrylic and also a workshop (several sessions) which I will join in near future. Ah the sight of wood easel and canvas never fails to make my heart flutters and arouse that longing to hold an oil-painting brush again. After that visit to MyArtSpace cafe, we went to see my ob/gyn and we straight away asked him if it's safe for me to do oil painting and he gave a green light. So yay! Well, a bit worried though but I will be extra cautious not to get my skin smeared by paint, hhh dunno how I will do that, since I'm a very messy painter :)

Collage - Fredy MyArtSpace.jpg
myartspace 5.jpg
Collage - MyArtSpace.jpg
Tulip Garden at Disney Sea (Winter 2009)

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Two paintings below are from photos, taken at Disney Sea, the second time I went there. The first time was with my fullcast friends in Summer 2007, it was a hell lot of fun. The second time was when my mom visited Japan in January 2008. We went there with my brother, just the three of us.Inside, I was so... thrilled to see a HUGE garden full of various kinds of tulips. So amazed *yeah my first time to see so many tulips, my fave flower* that I asked my brother - not really a fan of nature beauty - to take a lot of pics of me with the tulip garden until he grew impatient sheesh... If I went alone, I would love to just stare at those fabulous tulips and... just be there!

:: Oil on Canvas ::

80 x 60 cm

~February 2009~

.: Tulip Garden at Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  oil painting

:: Watercolor ::

24 x 32 cm

~May 22, 2009~

.: Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  watercolor
Hanami Festival 2008

I love Sakura and going to hanami (cherry blossoms/sakura viewing) was exciting and fun. The paintings really don't do justice here. You should feel the atmosphere at hanami. So alive.

These paintings were drawn from reference photos that I took when I went to hanami with my friends in the year 2008.

:Oil on canvas 60 x 40 cm::

.: Sakura viewing at Ueno :.

~February 2009~



~February 28, 2009~