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In the Kitchen: Chinese Braised Pork Belly

.: December 03, 2013 :.

It's pork, it's fatty and it's delicious. And did I mention how easy it is to make this? Fred's mom made this dish and we both liked it, so I browsed for the  recipe online. Looking at the recipe, I was quite apprehensive about using the cinnamon stick and star anise as the ingredients. I've never cooked with them before and they seem to be for an advanced cook. Nevertheless, I followed the recipe and glad it tasted delish. I only used two star anises though instead of three and used a rather small cinnamon stick so the dish won't smell as strong. And since I didn't have dried cloves, I left out those as well.

You can look for the recipe here

braised pork
28/52 Brunch: Club Street Social

.: November 09, 2013 :. 

This is actually not our choice for this week. It just happens that after we are back from our photoshoot session, the place that we wants to visit is not open yet until an hour later. Desperate to find one, we do a quick search and voila.. Club Street Social @ Gemmill Lane.

This is the only cafe in an area full of Italian and Spanish restaurants and wine bars. The place is not very big, probably only hold about 30 guests at max. We start off with a nice cup of hot chocolate. There are not many food selection in the menu and we go for prosciutto panini and scrambled eggs with toast. Both are quite okay, although I must say I really like the scrambled eggs. A blueberry jam to spread over the toast would make it a better dish in my opinion.


club-street social.jpg
Club street social
club-street social 3.jpg
27/52 Brunch: Coastal Settlement

.: November 01, 2013 :. 

{By Fred} 

Next on the list.. The Coastal Settlement @ Netheravon Road. 

The cafe location is not easy to reach. It involves taking half-an-hour MRT ride and another 10-minute taxi ride. When we reach there, at first look, it looks like an abandon workshop. Little that we both know, behind that is a very well decorated cafe, this time with nice food.

The entrance is at the side and upon entering, we are greeted by the look of an 80's cafe. Everything in this cafe is from my parents' era. The furniture, vespa, TV set, camera, water flask, telephone, radio are some of the collection from the 80's on display here. Even the music playing is from my childhood. I guess a lot of us are still have fond memories of our childhood and this makes this cafe great. It's like revisiting your past, but with great food. 


Being hungry after our hour-long journey here, we order the 2 recommended dishes from the menu, Cheese Burger and Big Toast. I can tell you that this time the food is great. Simple dishes executed perfectly.

coastal settlement (1).jpg
Coastal Settlement
coastal settlement food.jpg
coastal-settlement 1.jpg
coastal-settlement 2.jpg
26/52 Brunch: L'etoile Cafe

.: October 26, 2013 :. 

{By Fred}

Today, we decide to give it a go at one of the 2 cafes suggested by our maternity photographer. Since we have a hospital room tour later on that afternoon, we choose the one with the closer proximity to Thomson Medical Center, L'etoile Cafe @ Owen Road.

The cafe is rather small, but the decor is nice with colorful sofa, some nice hand-made cards being displayed at one of the corner, bookshelf at the other corner and paintings hanging on the wall, which is typical Japan-style cafe.  

Unfortunately, the nice decor of the cafe is not complimented by the food. The food is rather tasteless and I'm not even a very demanding person when it comes to breakfast. I am thinking probably they just mess it up this morning, but on my way to the cashier to make the payment, I see a feedback form from another patron saying that the food is tasteless too. It should be a great place to enjoy relaxing Saturday / Sunday morning with friends, if only they can improve the quality of their food. What a pity.


L'etoile Cafe
letoile (3).jpg
In the Kitchen: Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Fu

Okonomiyaki is sort of like a savory pancake and originated from Japan. It has many style depending on each region, and this one is okonomiyaki Hiroshima style. While the usual okonomiyaki you will find in Tokyo doesn't include noodle in it, Hiroshima style adds another layer of noodle, topped with egg. 

This was my first time making the Hiroshima style, previously in Japan, my friend and I tried making the normal okonomiyaki. Hiroshima style is easier to make coz you don't have to use grated yam.

Ah I love okonomiyaki... One of my comfort food.

25/52 Brunch: Domani

Domani is located in Takashimaya and Fred wanted to give it a try since months ago. Honestly I was a bit reluctant to go there coz for me, having brunch or breakfast or a cup of coffee is all about location and the ambience *well, of course taste being the number one* and Domani is inside a shopping centre. I don't mind going there for a proper lunch or dinner, just not the ideal place for me to have brunch, anyway, we were there and the food was nothing to brag about. It was okay. Just okay. 

domani 3.jpg
domani 1.jpg
domani 2.jpg
domani 4.jpg
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24/52 Brunch: Artichoke Cafe and Bar

.: September 28, 2013 :. 

Located behind the Sculpture Square, this cafe is not visible from the street and yet, when we came just before lunch time, the queue had already formed. Artichoke is a cafe offering Turkish food and there is a small display of various kinds of baklava outside.  

We got a table outside at the al fresco dining area and it felt like eating in a home backyard, so homey.  

artichoke (1).jpg
artichoke (2).jpg
artichoke (4).jpg

I ordered Eggs Shakshouka (picture below). Those breads were divine! And definitely loved the salad on top, the yoghurt dressing was sour and so freshening. Eggs Shakshouka is basically eggs poached in tomato sauce together with braised lamb.  

Fred ordered omelette with huge slab of glazed thick bacon. The bacon... the sweetness from the glaze mixed with slightly chewy yet tender bacon... two thumbs up!!!    

We tasted our first baklavas before our order came. Baklava is a sweet dish whose appearance reminds me of layered pastry but is much much harder and filled with sweetened and sticky peanuts. It was yummy but after the first baklava, I couldn't handle another one. It was just too sweet.

Well overall, we like this place and will be coming back again. It's quiet and feels like home with lots of good food. And the plus point be the Turkish dish. 

artichoke (5).jpg
artichoke (6).jpg
artichoke (3).jpg
artichoke (7).jpg
Artichoke Cafe - Edible Gardens
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In the Kitchen: Ramen

Oh, what can I say. Ramen that tastes just like udon soup. This is my first attempt ever in making ramen, definitely love how the pork meat and the eggs turned out to be, delicious, juicy and evenly colored by the meat broth. But that's the meat. Fine. How about the overall ramen soup? I say it wasn't bad at all but I feel cheated nonetheless. The recipe says RAMEN, not UDON *sob*. Not gonna make this type of ramen again, but for sure will cook the pork meat and the egg again... to be eaten with rice.

Next time I'm gonna challenge myself in making a tonkotsu ramen...  

homecooked ramen 2.jpg
homecooked ramen 1.jpg
23/52 Brunch: The Prive (Revisited)

Yeah we're back at The Prive for this week's brunch, this time together with our friends. I wanted to try spaghetti but too bad we were there too early and the spaghetti wasn't served before 11.30 AM. So I settled with omelette instead while hubby ordered the big breakfast platter. 

It was a cloudy, humid morning, and we were thankful it wasn't raining so we could sit outside while enjoying the marina view. 

The Prive Cafe
end of week 27.jpg
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In the Kitchen: Gyoza

Thanks to this pregnancy, me and Fred are more health conscious. I'm trying to beat this laziness and cook for both of us everyday and only allow Saturday and Sunday for dining out. But honestly, home-cooking is always the best no matter how simple the dish is, because you know what you put into each meal and oh, the satisfaction I got from cooking for dear hubby :D

I love cooking Japanese food and Fred is also a big fan of 日本料理.

Well, here's a recipe for gyoza adapted from Harumi Kurihara's cooking book. Gyoza is a side dish normally ordered together with ramen. So easy to make, I usually make gyoza in a huge batch, put them in freezer and fry some for bento (lunch box).

227 gr uncooked shrimp

114 gr ground pork

1 tbsp sake

1/2 tsp salt

sugar, pepper

1 tsp ginger

2 tbsp chicken stock

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tsp potato starch


gyoza skin


Mix shrimp with ground pork, add the sake, salt, sugar, pepper, ginger, chicken stock, chives and sesame oil.

Add the starch into the mixture. 

Put roughly one tablespoon of the meat mixture into the center of the gyoza skin and fold.

gyoza 1.jpg