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From the Oven: Macaroons
homemade macaroons

So let's begin with this. Never in million years before would I have thought to make macaroons. Never. I thought of macaroons, or heck, any other baked desserts for that matter, of something so very very difficult to make. Until I dared to take a look at macaroon recipe and I was like, what!? The ingredients are simple with no out-of-this-world-difficult-to-find ingredient. So with the help of my brother, we tried our hands on making macaroon.

Our first attempt ended in total failure. In my defense, it was my brother who measured the ingredients wrongly, he went by converting one cup to gram and took the measurement in grams for all ingredients. Well, since for example, the marshmallow and chocolate chips differs in weight, one cup of marshmallow is way lesser in grams than one cup of chocolate chips in grams. So can you imagine how off we read the first recipe haha. The second attempt, we learnt by mistake and well prepared with the technique and such. We made three variants, blueberry, strawberry and chocolate. The blueberry ones were my brother's invention and not following the recipe.

I love the chocolate macaroon, it tasted almost like those sold in any fancy cafes and patisserie. Would make a perfect match if paired with a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee, on a rainy day and with great company. Bliss.