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Hanabi at Yokohama (July 2008)

Hanabi Taikai (花火大会) or fireworks festival is held in Summer and showcase a fabulous fireworks show that lasts for about one to two hours. I really love this festival because I can dress up in yukata, have one or two cans of beer haha but of course, the best thing is to be able to share those things with my friends. And as what usually accompany a festival in Japan is street snack and game stalls lining the streets. 

The sketches below are from the reference photos that my friend took during Hanabi festival in Yokohama, July 2008.

Now that I'm not living in Japan anymore, I miss this festival the most. Well, I guess the next visit to Japan will be in Summer then :D

Hanabi go ers at yokohama
Hanabi at yokohama
Hanabi goer at yokohama
Just a Little Sketch

From a reference photo I took during Summer 2008 in Japan. Mom and Dad visited us in Tokyo and so we planned a trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Hakone. Hoping to do more sketches of Hakone. Ahh finding the right pic will be tough tho, took tons of photos from the trip :p

Natsu Matsuri at Ueno Park

Ah it's this time of the year again. On August, many events are held in Japan, celebrating the summer. It's called Natsu matsuri, a summer festival.

I love going to these events, always filled with people, a huge selection of street snacks and of course, beer. Nothing compared to drinking a chilled beer in a hot, summer season.

This sketch below is from a photo I took on August, 2008, at Ueno park.

Ueno park natsu matsuri
Travel Sketch: Enoshima Torii

Mum and Dad came to visit me and my brother in Summer 2008 and we went to Enoshima, an island connected to the main island of Japan by bridge. A beautiful island with a lovely beach that become crowded in Summer.

The main attraction of this island is of course its many shrines known simply as Enoshima Shrine. Other than shrine, you can visit aquarium in Enoshima, I like the jelly fish section :D

~ August 13, 2008 ~

Enoshima sketch
Florists in Japan

Many cute florists in Japan, didn't matter whether I was in a hurry or not, I always stopped by and just looked at all those fresh, lovely flowers.

~ 8 August 2008 ~

Florist in japan

~ 19 October 2008 ~

:: Aoyama Flower Market ::

Aoyama flower market
Tulip Garden at Disney Sea (Winter 2009)

.: Original post can be read here :.

Two paintings below are from photos, taken at Disney Sea, the second time I went there. The first time was with my fullcast friends in Summer 2007, it was a hell lot of fun. The second time was when my mom visited Japan in January 2008. We went there with my brother, just the three of us.Inside, I was so... thrilled to see a HUGE garden full of various kinds of tulips. So amazed *yeah my first time to see so many tulips, my fave flower* that I asked my brother - not really a fan of nature beauty - to take a lot of pics of me with the tulip garden until he grew impatient sheesh... If I went alone, I would love to just stare at those fabulous tulips and... just be there!

:: Oil on Canvas ::

80 x 60 cm

~February 2009~

.: Tulip Garden at Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  oil painting

:: Watercolor ::

24 x 32 cm

~May 22, 2009~

.: Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  watercolor