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Banner and Thank You Tag

I've been busy brainstorming ideas and preparing stuff for my little girl's first birthday party in July. The first few that got to be finished first are the banner sticker and thank you tag design.

They say hummingbird is a small, energetic yet poised bird which is why I decided to make it as a logo, my lil girl is so much like a hummingbird.


And here's the design for the banner.

banner squirrelandeve.jpg
Bali in My Mind

I'm so proud and lucky to be able to call the beautiful island of Bali, my home island. The people is friendly and the daily life is so infused with culture. Often you will find Balinese ceremony take place; the people, the ritual, the colour, and to be there where art is an integral part of living, I find myself brimming with inspiration. This illustration is meaningful to me, other than the fact that it's inspired by the island I so love, it's the first illustration that I attempted to draw a person. It's still a bit stiff, no doubt, but hey, I tackled it. In the past, I always shied away from drawing people, but I decided it's time for me to start practicing.

balinese girl.jpg
'Let's Camp' Art Print

It's a wrap! This illustration painting is finally finished. When planning this piece, I was thinking of a day in a whimsical forest, somewhere cold and breezy... a perfect setup for a getaway from a super hot weather we have here in Singapore. 

Many of you emailed me, asking about this 'Let's Camp' art print. Well, the wait is over guys. This print is now available at the web-store. 

let's camp squirrel and eve.jpg

Let's Camp


'My Brother and I' Art Print

A little story behind this illustration. When I gave birth to a baby girl seven months ago, we had to bribe El (our firstborn son) to kiss or hold his baby sister. That was how it was. Now, I often find him sitting next to his sister on the bed, just looking at her and stroking her hair without having to be asked. Such a heart warming moment. I know they'll be okay, coz the bond is finally there and they have each other. 

I've listed this print and is available at the web store.

My Brother and I - Squirrel and Eve.jpg


My Brother and I

Sleeping Beauty

I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a baby girl who can sleep on her own. Just put her on the bed and she will fall asleep within 10 minutes (that, after she emptied milk from both breasts). For that reason too, I rarely carry her to sleep that when she did sleep in my arms, I didn't put her back on the bed the minute she closed her eyes. Instead, I just stared at her face and couldn't help smiling. Those chubby cheeks and peaceful face, gosh! Adorable.

I painted this illustration below with my baby girl in mind. And I enjoyed painting the detail on the blanket so much. 

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old

Baby Rei - 9 weeks old