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Hot-Air Balloons in Gouache

I bought this gorgeous black-page moleskine quite a while ago and it's about time to fill its pages with color. Because of the black background, gouache stands out perfectly well and inspired by the hot-air balloons baby mobile that I made for baby E, this design sprang to mind. I think this would look nice in a wide-mat frame. 

hot air balloons
Sleep Tight, Little One...

A project for nursery room wall decoration. Been thinking of painting lately but never seemed to have time to get it done. For this one, I forced myself to pickup a brush and just do it... oh how I forgot how much I love having paint all over my fingers haha. 

This piece is done in gouache with a little bit of watercolor mix. It was on Thursday, with wind blowing sooo hard outside, it was crazy, like I don't think I've had a day similar to that during my stay in Singapore.  But me like those rainy, wet, and windy days for painting session.

I did two draft paintings, one with black background and the other has a milky blue blackground. Fred said he liked the black background more while I prefer the milky blue. The end result is somewhere in between, dark blue sky.

nursery themed illustration: sleep tight, little one
sleeptightlittleone 1.jpg

Another attempt at gouache. I started to appreciate the milky color of gouache, it's a nice break from the watercolor transparency. I plan to frame this one and hang it in the nursery. Oh the nursery! So many ideas on the decoration and it gets me excited. We haven't bought anything at all, I'm in my fourth-month and both me and Fred thought we should wait until at least when we enter the third trimester. I just can imagine the joy of preparing a room for our little one. 

Playing with Gouache

Finished this piece with my newly bought gouache tubes. A bit weird though, having so got used to watercolor. This dark bird has a fantail and I wonder how it feels being amid of colorful flowers. Hmm ain't black is one of the colors too?

Bird and flowers