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Bali in My Mind

I'm so proud and lucky to be able to call the beautiful island of Bali, my home island. The people is friendly and the daily life is so infused with culture. Often you will find Balinese ceremony take place; the people, the ritual, the colour, and to be there where art is an integral part of living, I find myself brimming with inspiration. This illustration is meaningful to me, other than the fact that it's inspired by the island I so love, it's the first illustration that I attempted to draw a person. It's still a bit stiff, no doubt, but hey, I tackled it. In the past, I always shied away from drawing people, but I decided it's time for me to start practicing.

balinese girl.jpg
Flower Crown Workshop

I can't tell ya how excited I was participating in this flower crown workshop. You know every little girl's dream is to wear a flower crown. Real one. And that dream finally came true today. We learnt how to make a boutonniere as a basic and from there we advanced further in making our own autumn flower crown. 

Imagine what you can make, a wreath, a bracelet, a hair piece... Using flowers. How pretty they would be. 

Gardening: Wild Flowers

Have tasted success in planting mini tomatoes, I tried my luck on wild flowers and got the seed bombs from Crate and Barrel. Making the planter tag was equally exciting as the actual planting itself. I experimented with the seed bombs since I wasn't quite sure how I should plant it. The staff at Crate and Barrel said I should grind the ball and scatter the clay while the article in Internet says to just put the seed bomb on the soil. In the end, in one pot I grind and scatter and the other I buried the seed bomb in the soil *fingers crossed*

Come on, grow big and bloom you all!