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Tulip Garden at Disney Sea (Winter 2009)

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Two paintings below are from photos, taken at Disney Sea, the second time I went there. The first time was with my fullcast friends in Summer 2007, it was a hell lot of fun. The second time was when my mom visited Japan in January 2008. We went there with my brother, just the three of us.Inside, I was so... thrilled to see a HUGE garden full of various kinds of tulips. So amazed *yeah my first time to see so many tulips, my fave flower* that I asked my brother - not really a fan of nature beauty - to take a lot of pics of me with the tulip garden until he grew impatient sheesh... If I went alone, I would love to just stare at those fabulous tulips and... just be there!

:: Oil on Canvas ::

80 x 60 cm

~February 2009~

.: Tulip Garden at Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  oil painting

:: Watercolor ::

24 x 32 cm

~May 22, 2009~

.: Disney Sea :.

Disney sea  watercolor