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Cake, Anyone?

Been trying this cool app called Procreate on iPadPro for the past few weeks and I like what I see so far. This is the first illustration I made using Procreate. Oh the joy of simply clicking the undo button whenever you make a mistake rather than tearing the watercolor sheet into pieces and scream in frustration  😅

Cake in digital art form. 

Cake in digital art form. 

Something Sweet

.: July 28, 2013 :. 

Oh thinking of those stuffs I loved to eat lately made me guessing the lil bean might be a girl haha I've been craving for dessert, especially that soft swiss roll filled with ice cream *droll* And a week ago, I told Fred that I wanted to eat a banana chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate, and he bought the whole cake, not just one piece! Oh well, fine with me, I had chocolate cake for a week :) 

And today, Fred bought a box of mini donuts and I was surprised, coz in the morning I secretly wished for a donut and didn't tell him about it. Talk about a husband instinct haha. 

What I'm craving for.jpg
Afternoon Tea and Lemon Tart

.: July 27, 2013 :. 

It was raining quite heavily outside, such a perfect day to have an afternoon tea and a tart. We bought this sweet and sour lemon tart after our morning workout and swimming. Ah I love this kind of weather. Enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea with beloved hubby, listening to the sound of rain falling. Bliss.


Afternoon tea, sweet and sour lemon tart
Sugar High

We ate so much food and waaayyy too much chocolate that day that I thought I wouldn't eat dessert for at least a month. We ordered churros fondue; came with three different choco dip, a banana split waffle - also came with additional small container full of melted choco, a hot chocolate soufflé with melted chocolate inside… and out! And all in big portion. A frontal attack of high dose of sugar indeed.

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