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'Let's Camp' Art Print

It's a wrap! This illustration painting is finally finished. When planning this piece, I was thinking of a day in a whimsical forest, somewhere cold and breezy... a perfect setup for a getaway from a super hot weather we have here in Singapore. 

Many of you emailed me, asking about this 'Let's Camp' art print. Well, the wait is over guys. This print is now available at the web-store. 

let's camp squirrel and eve.jpg

Let's Camp


Singapore Shop House: #001

Shop houses are easily the most fun architecture buildings here in Singapore, mainly thanks to their colour combo. Green and red, orange, purple, all yellow shop house. Imagine living in a purple house, it does lift up your spirit. So, paying homage to these wonderful shop houses, I launched myself into... *drumroll* A Singapore Shop House Series. I'll be creating this digitally, using my trusted iPad Pro with my trusted Procreate app. 

And here's post #001.

Singapore Shop House 01.jpg
Canal Houses

In late 2012, me and hubby got a chance to visit Amsterdam. It left a strong impression on me with its many canals and adorable red brick houses. I heard about those canal houses before and seen the picture, but I never thought I'd fall in love with it. Seeing Amsterdam first hand really made a difference, huh? Maybe it's a fact that Amsterdam was the first European city I ever set foot or the city itself is indeed beautiful, either way, I heart Amsterdam and the way it inspired me.

Canal houses
33-35 Eastcheap, London

I bought this book "London, you're beautiful" by David Gentleman. In one of many of his beautiful sketches, I saw this particular sketch of a building in 33-35 Eastcheap, London. I was intrigued by the architectural design and decided to sketch the same building. So I searched the internet and found one reference photo, taken at the same angle as what David G. sketched. So, here's my version of 33-35 Eastcheap.

33 35 eastcheap london
Travel Sketch: Kita Kamakura

.: This entry is actually an old post from my other blog. I rewrite and edit the post :.

It was one day in Autumn '08 when me and my friends set off to Kita Kamakura for Momiji hunting slash tracking. The sun shone bright enough to warm the cool autumn day. Well, exactly the perfect day for our outing. We, the girls, met up with the boys on the station's platform.

The photo itself is courtesy of one of my friend, our photographer for the day. And one thing that I do remember well about that day; I wore the wrong outfit. On my defense, I didn't know we were going to do tracking. I thought we were just gonna find someplace under the tree to chill out, take a lot of photos, finding the most perfect spot etc. but…ぶっぶーっ no, we went tracking too!! and I wore boots, high heel ones!! geez… luckily the scenery was amazing, worked like a charm to ease the discomfort :p 

Shrine  kita kamakura sketch
Kita kamakura