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Banner and Thank You Tag

I've been busy brainstorming ideas and preparing stuff for my little girl's first birthday party in July. The first few that got to be finished first are the banner sticker and thank you tag design.

They say hummingbird is a small, energetic yet poised bird which is why I decided to make it as a logo, my lil girl is so much like a hummingbird.


And here's the design for the banner.

banner squirrelandeve.jpg
Give Thanks

You know the saying, the neighbor's grass is always greener. Looking at someone else's life and wish you can take some portions of their life and combined them into your life. I've had those moments too, quite a lot of them actually and am not proud of it. I have to keep reminding myself of things to be grateful of in my own life and when I really look at my life, wheew... am such a blessed girl. So yeah, this piece I made for a reminder to count my blessings in every teeny tiny bits of detail in my every day life. I have a loving family and yes yes, those birds are me playing with our yet-to-be-born little one and Fred, acting all cool by watching and protecting us.

Give Thanks

Another attempt at gouache. I started to appreciate the milky color of gouache, it's a nice break from the watercolor transparency. I plan to frame this one and hang it in the nursery. Oh the nursery! So many ideas on the decoration and it gets me excited. We haven't bought anything at all, I'm in my fourth-month and both me and Fred thought we should wait until at least when we enter the third trimester. I just can imagine the joy of preparing a room for our little one. 

Blue Bird on a Rock
painted pebble

The birdie says: HQPTL, in-joke abbreviation between me and Fred. 

I love the white stone and this one is from Lombok, I brought it when we last visited the island back in May. I'm not sure why, but I found myself more in a mood to paint when the weather is colder, which is the kind of weather lately here. There were days when it was raining sooo heavily and I was like 'yeah, where's my watercolor kit' lol. 

This is the first time I used acrylic paint from tubes to paint pebble instead of the usual acrylic ink. I must say I like it better than acrylic ink to cover large area, it's easier to apply. 

Playing with Gouache

Finished this piece with my newly bought gouache tubes. A bit weird though, having so got used to watercolor. This dark bird has a fantail and I wonder how it feels being amid of colorful flowers. Hmm ain't black is one of the colors too?

Bird and flowers