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Sleep Tight, Little One...

A project for nursery room wall decoration. Been thinking of painting lately but never seemed to have time to get it done. For this one, I forced myself to pickup a brush and just do it... oh how I forgot how much I love having paint all over my fingers haha. 

This piece is done in gouache with a little bit of watercolor mix. It was on Thursday, with wind blowing sooo hard outside, it was crazy, like I don't think I've had a day similar to that during my stay in Singapore.  But me like those rainy, wet, and windy days for painting session.

I did two draft paintings, one with black background and the other has a milky blue blackground. Fred said he liked the black background more while I prefer the milky blue. The end result is somewhere in between, dark blue sky.

nursery themed illustration: sleep tight, little one
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A Week with Mom

I always consider myself as having a little bit of OCD syndrome haha Yeah I can't have my house not cleaned and mopped on alternate days basis, and I can't stand seeing anything cluttered and messy. So if there's anything I can brag of is having a consistently clean and tidy house, yet, somehow my mom never fails to amaze me in making things even more tidier and practical. Whenever my mom visits us, she does a round of cleaning and rearranging things, making the already-not-cluttered house looks less cluttered. I guess that's the magic mom does, huh?

January journal
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A Third Round of Watercolor Workshop

January marks the beginning of the third watercolor workshop, can't be more excited about the class.

Recently I found myself having so much idea of what to paint but never managed to get it on the paper. Kept telling myself I would do it the next day, haha my old habit. Attending a class is a good idea I guess, like it really forces me to paint in a way.

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Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper

We had a Christmas gift exchange at office and such a great timing! I've always wanted to try to do this little project, personalize my wrapping paper. So I stamped a blank black paper with the biggest stamp I made so far, cut an unused craft paper for the gift tag and stamped it using various colors. Pretty satisfied with the result. 

Handmade stamp  gift wrap
Sugar High

We ate so much food and waaayyy too much chocolate that day that I thought I wouldn't eat dessert for at least a month. We ordered churros fondue; came with three different choco dip, a banana split waffle - also came with additional small container full of melted choco, a hot chocolate soufflé with melted chocolate inside… and out! And all in big portion. A frontal attack of high dose of sugar indeed.

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