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Knitting: Wool and the Gang

Okay, I know it's just wool, but I can barely contain my excitement! A quick introduction of Wool and the Gang if you haven't heard of 'em already. They made knitting sounds cool. I mean, just look at their patterns and they're absolutely gorgeous and fashionable. Definitely not some old-fashioned-sweaters kinda pattern. Sooo... I placed my order and when the package arrived, opening the box felt like Christmas. Really. I'm that excited.

With the busy work life and little El, I'm hoping to complete all the patterns I ordered within this year. Yeah, I'm hoping.


The knitting frenzy continues and this time it's a family of knitted owls. I made four of them and little pom-poms to be made into a baby mobile. Geez, I have more baby mobiles now than nursery paintings. But the painting session has to wait until I have my little studio ready at the new house. Until then... let's knit!

Owl family...

Owl family...

knitted sweaters.jpg
knitted owl 2.jpg
Mini Laundry

Oh don't you agree how cute these socks and sweaters are? I made one pair of those yellow sock and sweater from the left over merino wool I knitted my baby's hat, mittens, and boots with. Those are my first pair of sock and sweater. Before long, I found myself knitted more mini sweaters and socks that in the end I had too many of them to keep for myself. Like, why would I be keeping nine sweaters? Except maybe for the Christmas tree ornaments? Hm didn't thought of that haha instead I was thinking to give these to my friends as a custom made Christmas and Happy New Year card.

Such an enjoyable, special project this one was and I'm happy to send these away to beloved amigos.

Stay warm and cozy in this cold month friends...

mini socks
mini sweater


Knitting Frenzy

My newfound hobby boosted by our soon-to-arrive baby. I knit baby socks, hat, mittens, baby mobile, and also a special Christmas project for my dear friends. And look at my easel, it has become a yarn station haha. No matter how much I'd like to get back to my now dusty brushes and watercolor palette, I can't seem to put down these knitting needles! And look at those newly arrived yarns from Quince and Co. They are of 100% American wool and I love the pale pink one.

quince and co yarns
Little Yellow Hat

Alrighty, so the first thing I made with the marigold yarn is this baby hat. The pattern is done in flat thus requires a seam when finished. The pattern is from the knitting projects book for beginner so not many projects that require a set of double pointed needles (dpn)/circular needle. But ever since learning how to use dpn and got my nerves under control by finally understood it's basically just the same thing as knitting with the straight needles, I love every project that uses dpns. And uhm maybe also the fact that I still find seaming a bit troublesome and I can't seam neatly! *frustrated* Well anyway, I finished it! And it looks cute and bright and fun with the pale yellow color. The seam... oh the seam is visible, granted, but I think I made progress with it. Can't wait till I actually put this on my baby's head.

Knitted baby hat
New Yarns

I am obsessed with yarns by Camellia Fiber Company. Love love love the color and the fact that all the yarns are hand-dyed with natural plant. How cool is that. These ones are marigold and mercury glass color. The marigold! It's a pale yellow and oh what a joy to knit with. It's smooth and springy and the yellow color just makes me happy. This skein goes for my yet another baby project.

Camellia Fiber Company Yarns
yarn (1).jpg
Sleepy Cat

This simple-shaped toy is so easy to make, fit for a beginner like me. I didn't quite know how to seam the two sides together nicely, to make it less visible. Mine looks a little bit untidy at the seam. And the color combination? haha I know i know, similar to the baby booties. Those colors were the only colors I had. Gotta start shopping for more yarns. 

This pattern is from a pattern book I bought: Baby & Toddler Knits. Some of the patterns are easy to follow with simple knitting techniques while other projects like baby hats and socks... ehm I need to start learning how to use double pointed needles. Daunting.

Knitted toy

Needle: US 6, Yarn: 100% Wool, Worsted.

Knitted Mug Holder

.: October 18, 2013 :. 

Sooo, the story is, I started to learn knitting somewhere in the mid of October. The first time I picked up knitting needles and all! Sometimes I think pregnancy makes mom-to-be goes all out in preparing for the little one's arrival, well, at least that's what happened to me. I want something special and handmade for my baby so I made all my baby's mobiles myself (more to this story in later post) , painted some illustrations for the nursery and now, I want to knit some baby stuff.

Got a few pointers on knitting basics from this website.   And a-couple-of hours-practicing-and-half-the-skein-of-yarns-gone later, I started my first ever knitting project, mug holder! hooray! It looks cute.

If you wanna make one, here's the pattern for this mug holder. I made mine with additional one cable pattern to make it longer and fit for my medium size mug. 

Oohh... I'm officially hooked on this craft. I didn't know that knitting could be so much fun. Just like painting, I can spend hours and hours knitting. Heck, I could spend all night doing this haha...

Knitted mug holder
knitted mug holder 2.jpg