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Flower Crown Workshop

I can't tell ya how excited I was participating in this flower crown workshop. You know every little girl's dream is to wear a flower crown. Real one. And that dream finally came true today. We learnt how to make a boutonniere as a basic and from there we advanced further in making our own autumn flower crown. 

Imagine what you can make, a wreath, a bracelet, a hair piece... Using flowers. How pretty they would be. 


The knitting frenzy continues and this time it's a family of knitted owls. I made four of them and little pom-poms to be made into a baby mobile. Geez, I have more baby mobiles now than nursery paintings. But the painting session has to wait until I have my little studio ready at the new house. Until then... let's knit!

Owl family...

Owl family...

knitted sweaters.jpg
knitted owl 2.jpg
Mini Laundry

Oh don't you agree how cute these socks and sweaters are? I made one pair of those yellow sock and sweater from the left over merino wool I knitted my baby's hat, mittens, and boots with. Those are my first pair of sock and sweater. Before long, I found myself knitted more mini sweaters and socks that in the end I had too many of them to keep for myself. Like, why would I be keeping nine sweaters? Except maybe for the Christmas tree ornaments? Hm didn't thought of that haha instead I was thinking to give these to my friends as a custom made Christmas and Happy New Year card.

Such an enjoyable, special project this one was and I'm happy to send these away to beloved amigos.

Stay warm and cozy in this cold month friends...

mini socks
mini sweater


Hot Air Balloon

Baby mobile was my first project for the baby and I made three different sets of patterns months earlier but only got time *and will* to assemble one of them few weeks ago. This one is the hot air balloon baby mobile made from felt fabric. My first time in hand sewing but so glad it turned out okay! Oh, don't you just love hand-making things and make it extra special? 

Nothing feels more magical yet real than hot air balloons floating amidst the cloud. Really adore this one simply because it took soooo long just to finish one single hot air balloon. I feel so excited knowing that lil one will wake up and be greeted by the sight of these floating cuties.

Handmade hot air ballon baby mobile
hot air balloon mobile (3).jpg
hot air balloon mobile.jpg
hot air balloon mobile (1).jpg
hot air balloon mobile (2).jpg