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Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper

We had a Christmas gift exchange at office and such a great timing! I've always wanted to try to do this little project, personalize my wrapping paper. So I stamped a blank black paper with the biggest stamp I made so far, cut an unused craft paper for the gift tag and stamped it using various colors. Pretty satisfied with the result. 

Handmade stamp  gift wrap
Hand Made Stamp

My new pleasure!

I've always wanted to do stone or wood carving but my mom won't let me, so does my hubby. They all say it's not fit for a girl. So, I came across a blog mentioning about hand made stamp, and why not. It's carving… on an eraser block! And I couldn't have loved it more. It's so easy to make, so many patterns you can carve, as many as your imagination goes. So far, I've been using my stamps to decorate my journal pages, and since Christmas is around the corner, it's time to wrap some gifts. How about stamping on a plain gift wrapper? Talk about customize your own gift wrapper. Oooh am so excited.

Hand made stamp - leaves
IMG 2265
Hand made stamps
Linoleum cutter
End of November 2012

We say good bye to November and start building up our holiday season mood.

I can smell Christmas in the air already!


I started a new hobby, stamp carving, and now I'm so addicted to it. Can't get enough rubber stamp to carve haha

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