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Gardening: Wild Flowers

Have tasted success in planting mini tomatoes, I tried my luck on wild flowers and got the seed bombs from Crate and Barrel. Making the planter tag was equally exciting as the actual planting itself. I experimented with the seed bombs since I wasn't quite sure how I should plant it. The staff at Crate and Barrel said I should grind the ball and scatter the clay while the article in Internet says to just put the seed bomb on the soil. In the end, in one pot I grind and scatter and the other I buried the seed bomb in the soil *fingers crossed*

Come on, grow big and bloom you all!

Gardening: Mini Tomatoes

I'm about to start a new hobby here! *excited*. Fred bought me this mini tomatoes kit and at first I was a bit scared, I mean, in my head plant will always kinda attract creepy-crawlies *eewww*. But the idea of growing my own mini tomatoes won over my phobia. So here's my first ever plant. I planted this four days ago and it's already sprouted *am a proud mamma*