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Christmas Dinner by the Pool {2013}

Our new home is finally done and we received keys in last few weeks of December 2013. Of course I just had to be there to get our keys with Fred and book a BBQ pit by the pool for our cell group Christmas dinner on Dec 20 even tho I just gave birth to baby E seven days earlier. Our friends did an awesome job in decorating the table in Christmas theme and the dinner itself was what Christmas dinner is supposed to be. Friends and family sit together, good food, and of course exchanging gifts. It was a beautiful night indeed.

christmas dinner 2013.jpg
Friends and Food...

From 11 to 15 October we were in Bali for our church friends' wedding. It was nice going back home one last time this year before the delivery due in December. 

Cell Group Dinner

 It's 1:30 AM now and I'm wide awake! Thanks to Starbucks Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha I had during lunch yesterday. Ahh I'm thinking to list down the art stuffs I wanna buy later. My 0.20 Rotring pen leaks ink so I need to find where the Rotring store is here in Singapore. That and I need a white acrylic ink. Can't wait till morning.

Journal  02112012

I'm glad I ditched company event to attend our weekly cell group session. It's nice to have others to remind you on certain things you've neglected.

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