I was in my 38 week of pregnancy and was supposed to give birth on December 19. But the baby was out earlier than that :D

It was on Monday (December 09, 2013) at 9 AM that we went to my ob/gyn clinic to get me induced. Yeah I need to get one coz the water is on a low side at this gestational week (38 week) so I have to deliver this baby out sooner than expected. I was a bit apprehensive in getting induced mainly because lots of people say it's a lot more painful as compared to if you start contraction naturally. I was glad to hear from my doctor that that wasn't the case anymore, the contraction caused by the induction drug will start weakly first and gradually gets stronger as in natural contraction. I was being monitored for like 20 mins or so to see if I got any contraction at all and I did, so they allowed us to go and take a walk but to be there at the clinic again at 12 PM.

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After lunch we went back to see my ob gyn and he checked my dilation. I was 1 cm dilated! We went back home to get things we thought we might need during our stay in the hospital. It felt a bit surreal, for me I was hovering between calm and panic state. I was trying my best to keep myself together and face the inevitable delivery. It's the unknown of what I will experience that makes the whole thing a lot scarier.

A small suitcase of baby clothes and blanket plus my hand-knitted hat, mittens and baby boots.

A small suitcase of baby clothes and blanket plus my hand-knitted hat, mittens and baby boots.

Once we reached hospital at 3 PM I was admitted to a room with several beds. I was a bit taken a back, I need my own room! I had to have my own room to deliver my baby. So i asked the nurse until how long i needed to be in that room and she said until I was ready to give birth then they will move me to a birthing room. I was stunned, I thought that by ready to give birth means ready to push. It turned out that room is to prep the mom-to-be, like to check the blood tension, to empty bowel and to wait hubby doing the registration thingy. Phew, finally I was walking into my own birthing room and the waiting game began. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and bravely I said no. That was until around 7 PM when my doctor came in and checked the dilation that I started to doubt myself. I was still 3 cm dilated and ever since the doctor broke my waterbag, the pain was really getting stronger until at 11 PM I couldn't take it anymore and asked for an epidural.

Dinner in the birthing room before the "actual" contraction kicked in :D

Dinner in the birthing room before the "actual" contraction kicked in :D

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When the anesthetist came in and did the procedure I was even more scared. It was the thought of needle poking my spine that freaked me out. Heck, even getting my blood taken makes me anxious. The procedure itself actually didn't hurt albeit slightly uncomfortable. And man, what a difference it made, like day and night. I could sleep while waiting for the pushing part. Finally the nurse checked me at 4 AM and I was ready to push! 

Well, we delivered our baby at 5:19 AM, December 10 after an hour of pushing and I was glad that Fred was with me in that room all the time and watched our baby drew his first breath. 

Elijah Noel Marchen, 2.955 kg, 48 cm

Now it's time to enjoy our baby...

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