Sleep Tight, Little One...

A project for nursery room wall decoration. Been thinking of painting lately but never seemed to have time to get it done. For this one, I forced myself to pickup a brush and just do it... oh how I forgot how much I love having paint all over my fingers haha. 

This piece is done in gouache with a little bit of watercolor mix. It was on Thursday, with wind blowing sooo hard outside, it was crazy, like I don't think I've had a day similar to that during my stay in Singapore.  But me like those rainy, wet, and windy days for painting session.

I did two draft paintings, one with black background and the other has a milky blue blackground. Fred said he liked the black background more while I prefer the milky blue. The end result is somewhere in between, dark blue sky.

nursery themed illustration: sleep tight, little one
sleeptightlittleone 1.jpg