24/52 Brunch: Artichoke Cafe and Bar

.: September 28, 2013 :. 

Located behind the Sculpture Square, this cafe is not visible from the street and yet, when we came just before lunch time, the queue had already formed. Artichoke is a cafe offering Turkish food and there is a small display of various kinds of baklava outside.  

We got a table outside at the al fresco dining area and it felt like eating in a home backyard, so homey.  

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I ordered Eggs Shakshouka (picture below). Those breads were divine! And definitely loved the salad on top, the yoghurt dressing was sour and so freshening. Eggs Shakshouka is basically eggs poached in tomato sauce together with braised lamb.  

Fred ordered omelette with huge slab of glazed thick bacon. The bacon... the sweetness from the glaze mixed with slightly chewy yet tender bacon... two thumbs up!!!    

We tasted our first baklavas before our order came. Baklava is a sweet dish whose appearance reminds me of layered pastry but is much much harder and filled with sweetened and sticky peanuts. It was yummy but after the first baklava, I couldn't handle another one. It was just too sweet.

Well overall, we like this place and will be coming back again. It's quiet and feels like home with lots of good food. And the plus point be the Turkish dish. 

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Artichoke Cafe - Edible Gardens
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