18/52 Brunch: Riders Cafe

.: August 24, 2013 :. 

What a tiring day today for this prego lady. Me and Fred started our Saturday with our usual routine, swimming followed by none other than the brunch! The weather was hot, hot, hot and that made me feel more tired than usual. Nevertheless, that didn't stop us from having brunch at a secluded area in the west. This place is a place for horse riding fans and the name of the cafe matches perfectly well, Riders Cafe.

We didn't get a table straight away and were asked to wait for close to an hour. So we killed time by doing our week-23 maternity photo shoot and ordered some chilled drinks at next-door cafe (Marmalade Pantry Cafe).

From where we sat, we could see the horse stall and the whole stretch of green lawn, and it felt really nice, like being in a village. We love the food as well although personally, I was a bit disappointed with the truffle fries. I mean, I expected homemade fries not the what-I-suspected-to-be-instant fries.

Riders Cafe
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riders cafe 3.jpg
riders cafe 1.jpg
riders cafe 2.jpg