Pick a Pram

.: August 17, 2013 :. 

Gosh, we haven't bought anything for this future new member in our family and it's already August! We also don't have any clue on what to buy except the obvious, like pram and baby crib.

Speaking of pram, we started looking out on different brands a month ago and basically narrowed down on those that we like since then. But geez, I didn't know there were plenty of prams and also the differences in features amongst them. They come in different names as well; pram, buggy, pushchair, stroller. Honestly, even if they are indeed a different thing, I will just call them pram haha Well, that's how novice me and Fred are. 

So like I said, we narrowed down our choices between these two; Bugaboo and iCandy. Really like the look of those two, casual and sporty. At least we are making progress in the stroller department, what we need to do is only pick one and be done with it :)


Eva Jovita Yudha