Long Weekend in Bali

.: August 7-11, 2013 :. 

Ah finally, a long weekend. I went back to Bali during this time, to get away from the busy work life. I just wanted to be at home, read book, walk my dog, and just chill out. We celebrated Dad's birthday with the big family gathered, my uncle and two of my grand aunts were in town as well. It was pretty crowded at home but luckily things started to slow down the last couple of days I was there. 

And of course, other than meeting Dad and Mom, the highlight was always to be able to play with my cute dog, Pretty. I walked her four or five times a day and she followed me everywhere, my heart melt away haha. Well, I guess I spoiled her shamelessly. It just breaks my heart whenever I get to play with her and then few days later have to leave her in Bali. Now we're thinking to relocate her to Singapore, but oh man, the paperworks and quarantine period are no jokes. Well, we'll see about that. In the meantime, here are the latest photos of her. 

Dad's orchids finally have a new shelter :) 

Dad's orchids finally have a new shelter :) 


A view in the neighborhood. I took this during my walk with Pretty.

This is exactly what I need when I'm stressed out, to take time out of the busy life and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

It's pretty quiet around the neighborhood with rarely the sound of cars and bikes but you can always hear the children's lively laughs when it comes to their play time in the afternoon. Hhh it's therapeutic.  


at the pool side. 
Eva Jovita Yudha