21 Weeks Pregnant

.: August 7, 2013 :. 

Few days ago we had another full scan to see if lil bean is developing well, and so delighted and grateful to hear that everything is normal. Time flies really fast and I'm already in week twenty-one. Well, that means I'm getting bigger and baby bump looks more pronounced now. Oh, and the fact that, started more or less a week ago, I could feel the baby kicks! The first time it happened was at night and it felt like something flipped or fluttered inside, like when you gulp in your stomach, not in your throat haha It happened only once that first day and getting more and more frequent each day. I like to put my hand on my belly when the baby kicks and sometimes I can literally see my belly moves outward in an area where my baby pokes me from inside. Love the feeling.

21 weeks pregnant * taken in my parents house in Bali *

21 weeks pregnant *taken in my parents house in Bali*