13/52 Brunch: Marmalade Pantry

Marmalade Pantry

.: June 29, 2013 :. 

Ever since my brother mentioned this cafe at ION Orchard during his last visit here last December, I wanted to try it. But it's located in the mall which I always found less attractive haha The ideal cafe for me is an outdoor cafe, and why did we end up having brunch in the mall? Well, it was on a Saturday noon and my energy level was depleted from hours swimming in the morning. I wanted to buy something in Orchard and truth be told, I didn't even bother about searching another brunch place and Marmalade Pantry was the nearest cafe I could think of. Fortunately, the menu looked good and at first I wanted to try their wild mushroom risotto but decided in the end that it might be too heavy for brunch, so I opted for club sandwich with sweet potato fries instead. Fred went with the all time brunch dish, toast, red bean, mushroom and egg. It was overall okay although I don't think we will go back again, not because of the food, but because of the location. Heck, if only it is not located inside a mall.