Weekend in Bali

.: July 12-15, 2013 :.

My cousin got married! We went back to Bali to attend his wedding. Congratz to the newly weds. It seems like yesterday when me, my brother, my newly wedded cousin and his sister plus another one of our closest cousins played a video game in the middle of the night on a Balinese Silent Day. We giggled aloud, cooked fried rice while enduring my cousins' maid constant nagging to tell us to go to bed. That was, what, more than 15 years ago! My goodness, how time flies. Does that realization make you want to cherish every single minute of your life? To not take for granted every moment no matter how insignificant that might be? Because if there is one thing you cannot get back, it's time.

My dad's big brother brought this morning glory flower, well, he and dad share a same hobby, gardening. My uncle showed me a picture of morning glory well tended bush, it was so pretty, the flowers all bloomed. He's hoping that dad will plant them around the pool haha. I can't imagine how pretty it will be. One of the pictures above is Balinese suckling pig we had for lunch at Babi Guling Chandra in Denpasar. It's similar to that of the famous Ibu Oka suckling pig. I like it better coz we don't need to drive for an hour to go to Ubud to have an authentic suckling pig.