Homemade Rendang

Homemade rendang.

.: July 20, 2013 :. 

My mom's friend brought me a homemade rendang sauce when they came to Singapore a month ago.

Oh the smell coming from the sauce alone was amazing, so fresh. Well, from what I know, making rendang takes hours so the flavor from the sauce really goes into the meat.

Hm the way I made though, just took less than half an hour haha. On my defense, I didn't know exactly how to cook it, so I merely heat the sauce in a pan, put the meat in and that was all about it. Fred said the meat still tasted bland when it was supposed to have a strong flavor from the sauce. Luckily I used lots of sauce so at least we had the rendang flavor from it :p   

Definitely gonna try again, hopefully the second try can bring the justice back to the wonderful sauce. Rendang is Fred's most favorite dish in the whole world, so I really want to nail this dish well and I'm determined to learn how to cook it from scratch.