It's Taking Shape

ten week sonogram

Phew, we are into our second trimester now. Lil bean was estimated ten-week old in this sonogram taken on May 25th. We took this photo just few days ago. This is the first scan that we can clearly tell which one is the head. Oh I can't wait to find out its gender haha.

Overall, everything's lookin' good, the baby's growing well, and me too, growing in size *grin* the bump is still a bit shy to show up though. In my thirteenth week, I'm feeling more like myself, no nausea, no dizziness which is awesome, although in some random occasions I can't take strong smell, like yesterday, when I sprayed my favorite parfume suddenly the smell made me gag. Sometimes, especially during work, I even forgot I'm pregnant, it's how that normal I'm feeling.