Busy March

*sigh* I have to begin this post with some depressing notion.

I don't know how I'm gonna get through the whole March, looking at my calendar and all I can do is taking a deep breath. I'm dragging my way from deadline to deadline and who could have foreseen that multiple projects sinking their deadline claws this month? Well, I gotta admit though that I was looking for this trouble myself… in a way. I'm a kind of person who got motivated and really working seriously if I'm literally hours away from deadline! I'm not joking. Even if I have some time to slowly clearing away my job tasks, I won't do it until very last minute. That's the only time where I can work nonstop, well, how can't I if deadline is only hours away? haha. I know this gotta change, can't keep living my job life like this. I mean, for the past few days, I dreamt about work, I was working even in my dream!! Crazy.

But then, there's always a light at every dark tunnel, isn't it? Well, well, well, in my case, that bright, shining light is the prospect of going back to Bali at the end of this month! On top of that, coincidentally, our very best family-friends will be in Bali as well. The last time I saw them was in December 2011 helping out in our wedding. Looking forward to having an awesome break with them.

Also, just this morning on my way to a client's office, I saw a poster of Russell Peters' show in Singapore on March 25, 2013. I mean, kyaa~!!!! Am such a biggie fan of his and never in my dream would I imagine myself watching him perform live. Hubby bought tickets for us and oh I can't wait. What an energy and mental booster that is. 

But then, even amid all this chaos both in work and private life, now and then there are great little things that bring joy back into our life. Those moments are like firecracker, small but powerful to lift up our spirit and I'm grateful for that. Small gatherings with friends, sharing and opening up are really making such a big differences in life indeed.

Okay, gotta back to work...