In Bali

From April 27 til May 1st, we were in Bali, practically doing nothing other than sleeping, swimming and eating haha. This was my first trip after we found out we're expecting and people around us advised to keep it easy and don't do anything physically demanding. As much as I was thrilled about the Bali - Lombok trip, I was worried for weeks before our flight but thank God, during doctor appointment just a day before the trip, we could see the lil bean's heartbeat. So that was assuring in itself.

A week in Bali, meeting my family, my pet dog, were refreshing and it was nice not to worry about work-related matters. I was thankful at this 7th week pregnant, I didn't have nausea only slight dizziness at times so I still could eat my fave balinese mix rice and other good stuff. 

We wanted to record everything we could about being pregnant and that include a photo each week. Oh I'm hoping I can stick with this idea without abandon it somewhere along the way.  Well, here's our 7th week photo at the backyard. The sonogram picture I'm holding was taken on April 26 and the baby's age is 6 week 1 day.


bali 2.jpg

I don't think I could ever get enough of Pretty, my smart puppy.  She followed me everywhere and remember me even though I can only get to meet her twice in a year. And ohh... look at how she sleeps...

bali 4.jpg
bali 1.jpg

This is what to eat when you are in Bali. Nasi Wardani.

Nasi Bali Wardani

Nasi Bali Wardani