9/52 Brunch: The Flock Cafe

.: April 13, 2013 :.

This week brunch place situated very near to our block, an old and nostalgic Tiong Bahru area. We have so many good food and nice little cafes around here and the fact that Tiong Bahru is a strategic area (in a close proximity to the central area of Singapore) makes living here is a bliss. We're gonna miss it dearly when we move in to our new place in a few months. So we decided to try out one of the cafes in our neighborhood, The Flock Cafe.


Err not really a fan of the eggs benedict there, the egg whites had a weird texture, the cream sauce was bland, the bread was a bit soggy from the salmon. I just knew I wouldn't like it when the dish came. Well, to be fair, it wasn't too bad, it's just that I had eggs benedict way better than this and that set the expectation higher for me to find a better one.

Plus, Fred (my hubby) also complained about his croissant not being fluffy enough. Yeah, he'll transform into this picky guy when it comes to his beloved croissant and bread.

Oh and I think I knew why I didn't like it that much. I just recovered from a nasty fever that lasted for a week and maybe my taste buds were not that 'healthy' yet haha and also the fact that I was feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous. So we'll give it a second try after we finish this 52 project. 

flock (2).jpg
Oh yes indeed.

Oh yes indeed.

And if you take a short walk around the area, you'll find this charming bookstore. Inside, there are lots and lots of vintage books and basically the kinds of books that you won't find in a chained bookstore. This one really is a gem and makes me fall in love more to Tiong Bahru.