28/52 Brunch: Club Street Social

.: November 09, 2013 :. 

This is actually not our choice for this week. It just happens that after we are back from our photoshoot session, the place that we wants to visit is not open yet until an hour later. Desperate to find one, we do a quick search and voila.. Club Street Social @ Gemmill Lane.

This is the only cafe in an area full of Italian and Spanish restaurants and wine bars. The place is not very big, probably only hold about 30 guests at max. We start off with a nice cup of hot chocolate. There are not many food selection in the menu and we go for prosciutto panini and scrambled eggs with toast. Both are quite okay, although I must say I really like the scrambled eggs. A blueberry jam to spread over the toast would make it a better dish in my opinion.


club-street social.jpg
Club street social
club-street social 3.jpg