27/52 Brunch: Coastal Settlement

.: November 01, 2013 :. 

{By Fred} 

Next on the list.. The Coastal Settlement @ Netheravon Road. 

The cafe location is not easy to reach. It involves taking half-an-hour MRT ride and another 10-minute taxi ride. When we reach there, at first look, it looks like an abandon workshop. Little that we both know, behind that is a very well decorated cafe, this time with nice food.

The entrance is at the side and upon entering, we are greeted by the look of an 80's cafe. Everything in this cafe is from my parents' era. The furniture, vespa, TV set, camera, water flask, telephone, radio are some of the collection from the 80's on display here. Even the music playing is from my childhood. I guess a lot of us are still have fond memories of our childhood and this makes this cafe great. It's like revisiting your past, but with great food. 


Being hungry after our hour-long journey here, we order the 2 recommended dishes from the menu, Cheese Burger and Big Toast. I can tell you that this time the food is great. Simple dishes executed perfectly.

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Coastal Settlement
coastal settlement food.jpg
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