Knitted Mug Holder

.: October 18, 2013 :. 

Sooo, the story is, I started to learn knitting somewhere in the mid of October. The first time I picked up knitting needles and all! Sometimes I think pregnancy makes mom-to-be goes all out in preparing for the little one's arrival, well, at least that's what happened to me. I want something special and handmade for my baby so I made all my baby's mobiles myself (more to this story in later post) , painted some illustrations for the nursery and now, I want to knit some baby stuff.

Got a few pointers on knitting basics from this website.   And a-couple-of hours-practicing-and-half-the-skein-of-yarns-gone later, I started my first ever knitting project, mug holder! hooray! It looks cute.

If you wanna make one, here's the pattern for this mug holder. I made mine with additional one cable pattern to make it longer and fit for my medium size mug. 

Oohh... I'm officially hooked on this craft. I didn't know that knitting could be so much fun. Just like painting, I can spend hours and hours knitting. Heck, I could spend all night doing this haha...

Knitted mug holder
knitted mug holder 2.jpg