7/52 Brunch: Carpenter and Cook

.: March 16, 2013 :.

This small yet super adorable vintage cafe is located in Upper Bukit Timah, quite a distance away from city center but definitely worth the trip to step in and to admire the decor. I love vintage and the word clearly describe this cafe. Just look at those plates and tea cups, and oh the stuff they display on the store! I was drooling at them all. So I was glad that hubby picked this place for our brunch place of the week, and I thought I heard him wrong when he said he loved the decor and would definitely love to go back there again. I thought only me who secretly rejoicing and jumping up and down inside by the sight of all-vintage store haha 

Well, that's the interior, how about the food? They serve off-the-tray food, the same style as Starbucks, I like their lemon tart. I just wish that I could have something more heavier to choose from than just a quiche and sandwich.

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