6/52 Brunch: Food for Thought

.: March 9, 2013 :.

Hmm where do I begin with this post? At first, we were so excited knowing that the place we were going to was inside the botanical garden premise. I mean, surrounded by lush and beautiful garden, for sure the cafe would also be beautiful and cozy, no? Well, no. Food for Thought located just beside the basement car park. I was sooo disappointed and almost turned my back on it if I didn't remember the taxi fare costed just to get there! The inside I gotta admit is not that bad with high ceiling and wide space, but I couldn't get over the green thing that apparently was there on every table. It's supposed to remind you on going green but hey at least the staff could make some effort to clean the thing. It's broken and falling apart and just made me lost my appetite. The overall look reminds me so much of a cafeteria. Maybe it's cozy enough for garden strollers after hours combing the garden, but not if you go there on purpose to relax. But kudos for the food, they're good.

Oh I want some foam design on my cappuccino (kicking my legs)! It's one thing that get me 'high' and look forward to whenever I order one. This one look rather plain, eh?