4/52 Brunch: The Barracks

.: February 23, 2013 :.

We are back at the Dempsey Hill! Yes, the area is teeming with cute and cozy cafes and I can see us coming here very often in the future. Well, for this time round, we planned to visit The Barracks which was closed a few weeks ago. From the outside, there's nothing much you can see, as what the name suggests, the outer appearance still very much resembles a barrack. But once you step in, a cozy but quirky interior awaits you. Their menu looks like a newspaper, clever. 

We ordered skinny pizza, fries with truffle oil, a seafood platter. Err not too fond of the skinny pizza though, the skin is like super super thin crispy crepe when what I want for my pizza is thin dough so at least there's  something for me to chew.

The barracks 2

~ Fries with truffle oil ~

The barracks 5
The barracks 9
The barracks 12
The barracks 14
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