2/52 Brunch: The Prive


.: February 12, 2013. Tuesday :.

The last day of Chinese New Year holiday and we set off to The Prive, at Keppel Bay island for, what else, a brunch. This was a second visit for us. The Prive located overlooking the marina, just the perfect spot to sip coffee and read books. 

~ Look how heavy the clouds were. And it was exactly this kind of weather that makes it such a perfect day to sit and daydreaming ~

keppel bay island
IMG 2803

It was a cloudy day, with the sun shying behind the clouds, such a perfect moment to sit outdoor and enjoy our meal. We ordered a pancake (with a honeycomb! *excited*), wagyu beef burger, and eggs benedict. Oh love the eggs benny. And… as often than not, we ordered too many. In the end, we didn't finish those beautiful stack of fluffy pancakes :( 

~ Pancakes with honeycomb ~

pancakes @The Prive

~ My new favorite, Eggs Benedict ~

eggs benedict
IMG 2798
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