1/52 Brunch: Jones the Grocer

.: Saturday. February 09, 2013 :.


Alrighty, the first entry for this project. Well, we went to Jones the Grocer unplanned, wanted to try the Barracks at first. Turned out the Barracks cafe was closed that morning, so we wandered aimlessly around Dempsey Hill in search of another likely cafe. Dempsey Hill is a secluded area full of conservatory, old, colonial building surrounded by plenty of greenery. Though you got that "secluded" feeling, it's actually within a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard district. So I'd like to think of Dempsey Hill as a little oasis.

And since we were at Dempsey Hill, we weren't too worried about not finding some cafe to eat other than the Barracks cafe. True enough, just a few steps away Jones the Grocer invited us in. It has a humble look from the outside, simple yet classy inside with a "clean" look. I love it. It has a high ceiling so you don't feel stuffed. I ordered a Spanish Eggs 'en cocotte' and iced black forrest coffee, hubby settled for a traditional english breakfast and iced cappuccino. 

Jones the grocer
Jones the grocer 1
Jones the grocer 4
Jones the grocer 6
Jones the grocer 3

~ Spanish Eggs 'en cocotte' ~

Jones the grocer  spanish eggs en cocotte

~ Iced Black Forrest Coffee ~

Jones the grocer 5
Jones the grocer 2
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