Strolling in the Botanical Garden

.: August 03, 2012. Friday :.

I had my day off today and so we went to embassy applying for visa. We were early, the appointment fixed at 09:30 AM and the guard didn't let us in unless it was 09:30 sharp! But I didn't mind at all. Oh the weather was just perfect, somewhere near cloudy but we still got sun. And the surrounding? Gosh, I love it. Pretty quiet coz the embassy is located just across the road from Botanical Garden, Bukit Timah entrance, and there are small, cozy cafes just a house away. Already we planned for a quick breakfast and me planning for a lunch as well in a cafe upstairs haha It was a struggle to keep up with the diet. Oh well. 

In the end though, hubby went back to office after applying visa so I got the rest of the day to myself. Ordered a huge breakfast with caffe latte, and I was glad I brought my book and sketchbook with me. Sitting outside, sketched passers-by while enjoying my breakfast was priceless. Honestly.

After the breakfast, on impulse, I entered the Botanical Garden, sketchbook and pen at hand.

da paolo cafe
botanical garden entrance
botanical garden
botanical garden bench
lamp post