Sketches from Taiwan Trip

We went to Taiwan in mid May 2012 for a family trip. Love the food there and of course the night market. Almost all the district have their own night market, but the famous one is Shihlin Night Market. You can shop while snacking around :D

~ We went to the Red House in Ximen district where you can find many creative artists showcase their stuff. So if you want to find a unique gift or souvenir, Red House would be the right place to go. Mum bought some sand bottles as souvenirs. I really cannot imagine how patient is the guy who made those intricate details with colorful sands. ~

Jordanian sand bottle art

~ It was a 4 hour flight from Singapore to Taiwan, so what better way to spend time than sketching? ~

Taiwan  on the plane
Taiwan  on the plane 1

~ On the first day, we went to Taipei 101 and grandma seemed to be fascinated by the Teppanyaki cook show :D ~ 

Taiwan  teppanyaki

~ Oh we also tried gold medal Taiwan beer recommended by my colleague. But still, Asahi beer remains number 1 in my list. ~

Taiwan beer

~ A really quick sketch. This is viewed from Golden Waterfall. ~

Taiwan  golden waterfall landscape

~ I had sooo much fun collecting stamps from Miniature Museum of Taiwan. They have these replicas of famous buildings and sceneries from all around the world and few have stamps. ~

Taiwan miniature museum stamp 1
Taiwan miniature museum stamp