Travel Sketch: Kita Kamakura

.: This entry is actually an old post from my other blog. I rewrite and edit the post :.

It was one day in Autumn '08 when me and my friends set off to Kita Kamakura for Momiji hunting slash tracking. The sun shone bright enough to warm the cool autumn day. Well, exactly the perfect day for our outing. We, the girls, met up with the boys on the station's platform.

The photo itself is courtesy of one of my friend, our photographer for the day. And one thing that I do remember well about that day; I wore the wrong outfit. On my defense, I didn't know we were going to do tracking. I thought we were just gonna find someplace under the tree to chill out, take a lot of photos, finding the most perfect spot etc. but…ぶっぶーっ no, we went tracking too!! and I wore boots, high heel ones!! geez… luckily the scenery was amazing, worked like a charm to ease the discomfort :p 

Shrine  kita kamakura sketch
Kita kamakura