Workshop Week 3: Composition, Design and Perspective

.: March 24, 2012. Saturday :.

One word to describe the third session: liberating. たのしかった! Fun!

Well, the first one hour we learnt a great deal about the design theory. Like how color, value contrast and texture can enhance a painting's center of interest. After all the theory, it was time to put it into practice. We were having en plein air sketch session! Hurray!

We went out to the street and we just picked any building to sketch. That was my first time sketching in public openly. Before, whenever I sketched outside, I did it secretly, so I never enjoyed it. The first few minutes I felt a little bit embarrassed by people looking at us, but after awhile, it was easier just to ignore the passers by.

~ Two-point perspective ~

SCAN0050 copy